Machinery Haulage and Plant Transport Operational Fleet in Glasgow, Scotland

J & M Murdoch provide an extensive fleet of vehicles to suit any haulage job.
Have a look at our current fleet below.

Hire Type
Vehicle Reg
Trailer ID
Manufacturer Year of
VehType Vehicle Reg
Trailer ID
Manufacturer Year of
Loader August 09 VOLVO 2009 T SF60/1 KING 2003
Loader SF06 LCM VOLVO 2006 T SF60/2 KING 2006
Loader SF08 KTC VOLVO 2008 T SF40/7 - C105704 KING 2003
Loader SF08 KTD VOLVO 2008 T SF44/15 KING 2008
Loader SF06 LBY VOLVO 2006 T SF40/3 - C105703 KING 2002
Loader SF06 EVT VOLVO 2006 T SF44/16 KING 2008
Loader SF06 EVU VOLVO 2006 T SF40/4 - C134693 KING 2003
Loader SF06 EVV VOLVO 2006 T SF40/9 - C1322399 KING 2003
Loader AM55 JMM RENAULT 2005 T SF40/10 - C105702 KING 2002
Loader T12 JMT RENAULT 2005 T CSF44/14 - C224464 NOOTEBOOM 2000
Loader SF58 BYT MERCEDES 2008 T SF44/6 - C263335 KING 2007
Loader S111 YGA SCANIA 2005 T SF44/17 KING 2008
Loader / VOLVO 2009 T SF40/8 KING 2002
Flatbed / VOLVO 2009 T F45/18 KING 2008
Flatbed / VOLVO 2009 T F40/5 KING 2002
Brimec SF58 AVT VOLVO 2008        
Brimec SF07 AUE VOLVO 2007        
Brimec SF08 KSZ VOLVO 2008        
Brimec SF07 AOE VOLVO 2006        
Brimec SF05 BAO MERCEDES 2005        

Examples of the type of products we transport:

Forklifts Generators Planers Heras Fencing Cabins
Booms Ballast Telehandlers Trains Scissors
Cranes Vehicles Fuel Bowsers Dozers Compressors
2cx/3cx's Piping      

To download a copy of our Conditions of Carriage please click here >

Murdoch was acclaimed as "Best Scottish Fleet of the Year 2007"
We accept enquiries from Scotland, the UK and throughout Europe.
Please contact us on
0141 580 6322, Email us or fill out our online Enquiry Form.

Murdoch's ISO Accreditation

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